Stockholm Dodgeball Association has as of January 2020 the following membership forms:

  1. Full member. Registers membership info via and pays the membership fee of 50 sek by Swish to 123 516 60 38. Is always insured by Riksidrottsförbundet and Länsförsäkringar. Has a vote at the annual meeting. May represent the club at national tournaments such as SM. May purchase 10-cards and semester cards.
  2. Supporting member. Registers membership info via Has a vote at the annual meeting.
  3. Guest player.

Session prices as of January 2020:

  • Single session: 50 kr
  • 10-card: 400 kr (requires full membership)
  • Semester card: 600 kr (requires full membership)

Up to three single sessions are credited when purchasing a semester card or 10-card.

We will revert to physical 10-cards in order to simplify administration.